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Living Near Forests Contributes to Human Health

This may already be obvious to some of us, but in today's fast-paced world it can be an overlooked nuance. Now Science can verify that living near forests and wilderness contributes to human health- specifically here, the nervous system and amygdala.

Read full article here at Project Censored:

Exciting news validating what some of us already know from feeling the differences within our own bodies and mental/emotional states!

Organic Food Movement of West Marin

The Organic Movement’s Pioneers Tell Their Story in a New Documentary!

“Evolution of Organic,” a new documentary by San Francisco filmmaker Mark Kitchell, details the origins of a movement that grew out of the vision of West Marin food producers, among others.

See Full Story HERE at the Point Reyes Light Newspaper: Organic Food Movement Documentary

The organic food movement exploded in the early ’80s after a representative from Berkeley’s Chez Panisse visited Bolinas with a peculiar request. As detailed in a new documentary by San Franciscan filmmaker Mark Kitchell, forager Sibella Kraus came out to Star Route Farm in search of ingredients for a mesclun—a Provencal salad of small, leafy greens. The story begins there (here) and continues today around the world!